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61 Double-Cut Duo Jet



Check out this early Double Cut Jet #42046 and the funky switch placement. Was this batch the earliest double-cuts?


Yes... only one batch of ‘61 Jets. First of the double cutaway, and only group (100 units) with chrome hardware and G-cut tailpiece.


Switch placements on all double cut Jets are at least a little problematic, but that one is just plain absurd. I think I could probably live with it, having a relatively reserved playing style, but you'd pretty much have to try it out to know.

That said, I absolutely love these. By far coolest of the double cuts, and arguably the coolest of all FilterTron Jets.

And then there's that adjustable bridge that occasionally turns up on Gretsches of this era, same as on my old '61 6113 and others I've seen. From the finish fading, you could tell mine had been on there for at least nearly all of the guitar's life. I had seen enough that I was starting to suspect they might be original, but was hesitant to consider it as such. Then Dan Duffy confirmed that they would get these units from the accessories department on the 7th floor when they wanted to use and adjustable bridge. My guitar is long gone, so NFI in contending that these are original equipment, but I do believe that this is an acceptable bridge for an early '60s Gretsch.


I love it! Man that pickguard has gotta go thou. On my bucket list is a double cut filter jet in black just like this.

My mid 60’s 6124 had a bridge like that too


Love the double-cuts.


Well some people say Gretsch copied / followed Gibson, so when they went to double cut designs around 1961 (335 already had it) but you know, the new SG, and then the melody maker was single cut and but was now double cut -- Gretsch did also with the Gent and Jet, etc.

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