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60’s Gretsch Jet’s pickguards infos


Hello, I’ll need some informations about 60’s Gretsch Jet's pickgards. One of my friend have this pickguard on his ’64 Firebird model... It's a gold 5mm think pickguard with no engraved Gretsch logo. "Gretsch" logo looks modern right ? Link Link I think 60's pickguards is 3mm think and engraved logo right ?

Thank you to let me know what kind off pickguards you've got on your early to mid 60's jets.

Thank you


Funny you just asked as Paul Setzer just posted some great Jet p/g outlines here. Nearly all Gretsch pickguards were molded polystyrene from about '59 onwards which were thinner than the Lucite cut/engraved ones; about the only exception was on a tenor Annie. Which is also why so many of them crack. It's hard to tell for sure, but the one you posted looks cut not molded.


Looks like a reissue guard since the logo is screen printed.


Thank you for your answers . So 60's Jet's pickguards should have a molded logo right. Does anyone have pictures of original 60's Jet's pickaguard to see them please ? thickness is around 0.118 inches right ? Thanks.

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