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60’s Viking lefty conversion


I got a new bone nut, I will fit it to the guitar.. it comes slotted wider than the previous nut, i will see if I like it...


Hope it's to your liking. Because I need the low E closer to the outer edge of the binding - fret ends overlap the binding nicely - my luthier installs a new blank nut then measures out where the slots need to be and then files them. She's done this on several of my guitars.


It’s because of thumb fretting the low E ?

– petit professeur

Yes it is! While I didn't change the original nut on my '41 Synchro, I had to change the frets because the ends had a long chamfer causing both E strings to push off the fingerboard. My prototype Super Axe, Chet's guitar, had the slots cut right, possibly the original nut Chet had. I did the same change out on my Gibson Gent and the Super Chet (along with poor original frets the stopped at the inner edge of the binding). Same again on my pair of Ovation acoustics, the Folklore & Country Artist.

All string spacing is equal but it takes the low E closer to the outer edge.


Heel binding cut and glued, then I need to do the side binding and some repairs


Sides bindings and little patches done, I will try later to use a little acetone to make seamless joints... it’s the area with the most problems, I also have problems of gap in the binding, I tried a method with dust of binding and CA but it failed... I will try again later... and I will definitely need to spray this area


I made a pickguard template and then try to do a 6 ply black one, because I didn’t found the clear styroglass material I bought for the pickguard... not finished yet, I want to chamfer it to see the BWBBWB pattern... and after I stopped working on the guard I found the clear sheet so I will also make a clear painted gold pickguard :)


Also fitted a new nut, wider than the old oneWindsorDave :)


Thanks a lot, the pictures show the guitar prettier than it is actually but it’s beginning to look like a Gretsch rather than an old husk Tomorrow I will do a clear pickguard if I’m not too lazy, the black one is too much 335, but it was fun to do


Made a clear pickguard this afternoon, will try to drill the Gretsch logo with my dremel next week, and will paint it gold


Made an armrest, to hide the righty holes... just received the electronics, I will solder it this weekend I think I will let the righty mount of the switches and master volume... For the Gretsch and Viking logo i will use printed decals, my attempt at carving a reverse logo was a complete mess


Also fitting side dots, I drilled two of them out of center, I will fill them with acetone melted binding and drill again


The other went fine, result after sanding them flush. I will go for a finer sanding when I will dress the frets


I began wiring of the guitar, I think I will let the master volume and the upper switches in a righty way, to avoid drilling more holes... I will drill lefty holes for pickups volumes and standby switch when everything is fine with the electronics....


I also print various Gretsch graphics to go under the gold paint... not sure about the big one

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