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60’s Viking lefty conversion


You guys blow me away! I've got some woodworking skills, and I've done abalone and hardwood inlays for cigar humidor and jewelry box lids. It's simply tacking the two layers together (the inlay material on the bottom), and cutting the pattern out at an angle, on a scroll saw. The bottom layer then fits perfectly into the top layer cutout. But I've never tried to do the binding on a guitar. My hats off to all of you Luthiers!


Still making the inlays Paul FF909, when Curt made your conversion, did he made ebony inlays to fill the righty inlays ??? Because my MOP is white and the old ones are yellow

– petit professeur

Curt didn't do that part of the guitar; it was done at Philtone Guitars in Baltimore. But the answer is "Yes" on making fill inlays where the right-hand thumbnails were.

Getting a perfect cut and seamless fit is nigh unto impossible, for imperceptibility's sake. You might be better off making a new set of righty MOP inlays and going double-thumbnail, as was common on lefty necks back then.

This project is looking great, by the way!



Wade, thank you, it’s not perfect now but with the advices of the members of the forum I hope I will make it a guitar again :)

Paul, thanks for your answer, I will go for double thumbnail, but I guess I will leave the old righty MOP i’m scared of putting them off, they seem to be well glued... When I will sand the neck I hope they will turn lighter....


I glued the inlays today, it took me a long time to have them almost flush on the fingerboard


I also glued the bindings, i will need to sand them later....


I began to sand the fretboard, some glue remains but it’s quite nice I need to sand more and then i will put the frets

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