Vintage Gretsch Guitars

60’s Viking lefty conversion


The bindings fit nice, i need to heat bend them, will try with hairdryer, but i also tried with a sample with boiled water, it made nice curves (the PvC is tricky to bend, but i managed to find a glue that bonds it so i will probably will use it...)


I realized that the headstock veneer is probably plastic, I will leave it for now but it will rot soon because already cracking


Today i finished to fit the new tuners. The screw holes are now a little off so i will fill them and drill some new ones.


I now have done 70% of the binding removal... I just had an idea for the lefty conversion, maybe i could go for an armrest like those on the Gibson Country Gentleman, to hide the holes of the knobs... I could go for a plexiglas gold painted like the pickguard...

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