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60’s Viking lefty conversion


The bindings fit nice, i need to heat bend them, will try with hairdryer, but i also tried with a sample with boiled water, it made nice curves (the PvC is tricky to bend, but i managed to find a glue that bonds it so i will probably will use it...)


I realized that the headstock veneer is probably plastic, I will leave it for now but it will rot soon because already cracking


Today i finished to fit the new tuners. The screw holes are now a little off so i will fill them and drill some new ones.


I now have done 70% of the binding removal... I just had an idea for the lefty conversion, maybe i could go for an armrest like those on the Gibson Country Gentleman, to hide the holes of the knobs... I could go for a plexiglas gold painted like the pickguard...


I finally choose a slow setting CA, to glue the back binding


The result is not bad for a first time, after a lot of scraping and sanding. I will fill some gaps with CA and dust of bindings and will then put a touch up of clear varnish if it’s ok... now it’s time to do the front of the guitar, and then the neck


I'm really enjoying this please keep posting.


Looks like she's coming along fine.


Thanks for your comments ! I just tried a bit to remove the binding on the fretboard and it is really crumbling into dust . I will rebind the neck gibson style, this way i will keep the old frets for some time...


I’m also thinking about making lefty half moon markers, i bought a set of forstner bits and will need to make a drilling jig


Rough shaping of the perloid with a small file, using two coins as a guide :)


I finally removed the frets, there is too much binding on the sides to do a gibson style binding.... Scary but there is a lot of tutorials on the web, with a soldering iron, water, an two small cutters used as pullers i manage not to do a lot of chips


next step will be to drill the inlay on the fingerboard... I made a template and will practice on scrap wood before doing it for real


I began to drill inlays with Fortsner bits, manually rotated. It’s difficult to be symmetrical, maybe i will correct them by gluing slightly smaller inlays...


Tomorrow I will glue the front binding. Lot of masking tape this time


The bindings are glued, i will sand them flush and fill some gaps


Cool I really like the router groove binding shaping jig!

Hey does your Viking have hilotrons?


Cool I really like the router groove binding shaping jig!

Hey does your Viking have hilotrons?

– Toxophilite

Hello Toxophilite.

I borrowed the idea from a stewmac video, because I planned to laminate before gluing but it's more useful on sharp bends like mandolins bends (or a flying V in the stewmac video). I finally used three different bindings instead of a prelaminated BWB which was PVC and rigid, so it was easier to bend without the shaping jig.... Another problem with the jig was that even the smallest irregularity on the groove made a little angle on the binding... But the original idea is a good one, they made it out of a Derlin kitchen cutting board so the acetone don't glue on it, so you can laminate the binding in the groove

My Viking was bought without any hardware, I bought Hilos because I will put them in my beloved 2004 Annie, and put the fltertrons on the VikingSince it's a project guitar I try to use parts I already have


I’m now beginning to make smaller bindings for the headstock with a DIY jig and a router, to save scraping ( i only have one size of bindings )


Still making the inlays Paul FF909, when Curt made your conversion, did he made ebony inlays to fill the righty inlays ??? Because my MOP is white and the old ones are yellow


Now i’m fitting the headstock binding, i went for laminated BWB because it’s easier to bend at 1/3 of their original size


Binding glued and scraped, i will sand and refinish the headstock later...


I was wondering if the headstock veneer is plastic or some kind of ebony, on some repairs it looks like wood but i’m not sure....


Too lazy this sunday to make the inlays I cut and trim the neck bindings... i’ll need to sand them flush when everything is glued because the height is not the same as you go up to the fretboard...


MOP inlays are roughly cut, I need to fine tune them before gluing Then I will glue the bindings :)

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