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6050 New Yorker- ‘49 or ‘46 ??


I just purchased a very nice sounding little 6050 New Yorker that was advertised as a 1949 model. On closer inspection, there is only a pencil-written number on the inside back, "964." No other stamps or stickers, however the guitar has been refinished to a "natural" clear look. Are there any other clues I should be looking for to give me a better idea of a proper age?


Hard to tell without a photo, but if it's an early post-war example the serial number would be closer to '46/47. But if it's a more primitive war-time New Yorker (stencil headstock logo) then it would be a few years earlier.


Very nice. Congrats. Let us know if and when you record something with it.


that is over the moon wonderful. SO, envious.


Yep... that's an early post-war example ('46/47). These early ones had the rounded headstock and longer/ angled fluted trapeze tailpiece.

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