Vintage Gretsch Guitars

60 Gent in western orange at Lark St.


Gold Bigsby started in '62.


I live in Orange, and I'm not familiar with any Lark Street. The pro-Israeli stuff is cool, but they're preaching to the choir.


Buzz has been around for decades. They were in Albany NY from 1981 to 1999.


I live in Orange.

– Billy Zoom

Oh hell... I assumed you were talking about Orange, NJ, which is near Teaneck, which ain't far from Albany, and... now I realize that you're either confused by my thread title, or having a little fun with it (I'll assume it's the latter). Either way, I'm a bit less confused than I was when I thought you lived in Orange New Jersey, and despite being that close to a long-established guitar shop, that you still had never... oh never mind!


As they say, never mix Oranges.

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