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58 Stereo Club w/Strange Ephemera



This really clean '58 Club has the usual non-stereo model #, not the PX6101 etc. that happened in '59. The seller doesn't know it's a stereo.

A couple bits of interesting ephemera: one is a packing slip which suggests that Clubs and Falcons came bundled with cords, cases and cloth and the other says Gretsch (maybe an envelope...Ed?) which I've not seen before.


My guarantee came in a different type of envelope (upper left with red printing). But it's late '59. Maybe this is what the guarantee paperwork came in in '58. It looks to be about the same size. Or maybe because of the bundling, they used this specific envelope. Just a wild guess.


Looks incredible. Not sure about the price.


It is not just the higher end models that came with ephemera. My friend's 1958 Single Anniversary which his dad acquired new from Dick Lurie Guitars in Cleveland came with a cord and a catalog and some of the other geegaws


And another interesting thing to note is that at that time -- and not for very long -- Gretsch warranties were for without time limitation to the original owner and not limited to 3 years as were earlier and later guitars


it's amazing that all that stuff is still with the guitar. I've bought guitars that were only a few years old and all that stuff is gonzo.

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