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58 Proto Trestle Peek


About a year ago I mentioned stumbling across a '58 6120 with Filters but not the usual heavy trestles. Instead, there were four blocks on the inside of the rounded parallel braces right below each side of the pups. This is serial #26593 and was almost as light as a Dyna 6120. I neglected to take a shot of the neck heel which did not have the usual necklock/screw.

You can just see the block going down right against the back of the 6120 with none of usual trestle features. Gretsch switched to the flat parallel braces shortly after this and made them standard on all models -- probably to save money as they thought it was no longer necessary, as well as to accomodate the trestle feature. My '57 Clipper has the rounded braces but the '58 and '59 do not.


Here's another shot. Note the cool Lucite rings and the square Dyna cut guard.


Better shot of the thick Lucite ring.


lx, where did you find or see this guitar? I ask because back in 1992 I sold a 1958 6120 to Brian Setzer that looks identical to this one and to this day I have deep regrets that I did so. Some years ago I exchanged an email with Setzer's guitar tech about re-acquiring the guitar, but I never heard back from him and so I don't even know if Setzer still has the guitar or unloaded it on someone else. It was the twangiest sounding Gretsch I've ever owned and played. Boy, what a dumb thing I did!


If you have an iPhone, or some generic, can you stick it in the F hole and take a couple more? Thanks in advance!


Sorry guys, this was from a 3 Amigos show from about a year ago. Forgot my phone but had my digital camera with me. Toxophilite mentioned that he ran across a Filtertron '58 6189 Streamliner with the same bracing. I think they were asking 12K for the 6120, but of course they had no idea about the bracing. It was really quite clean and with the cowboy case. The photos couldn't show, but it had a standard dovetail mortise, not the massive block of the trestled version.


lx -- what or who are the 3 Amigos?


They are a vintage guitar show event based out of Texas or Oklahoma if I remember correctly.


lx -- what or who are the 3 Amigos?

– ewkewk

Larry Briggs, Dave Crocker, and John Brinkman. Vintage guitar show promoters

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