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‘58 Dou-Jet?


Saw this at Norm’s today in LA. Looks like a re-neck to me. Also replaced tuners. The pickups also looked like they were new to me. Take a look.


Here is the serial number. 27272. Etched on the back plate.


Looks to be legit for 1958. Can't tell about the pickups unless you get close-ups. Re-neck would have a heel dowel. The Grover Sta-Tites might be original; you'd see the extra holes if they were swapped out from the standard Waverlys.


Not sure if it's 100% legit or not, I'm no expert; however, I am 100% wanting that thing in my collection.


Looks like a legit '58. Not so sure about the pickguard, though. They were using white ones around this time, but the logo looks too small, IMO.


I had serial number 27247--so same batch presumably--and it was original Cadillac Green (as far as I know the last or second to last CG jet Gretsch produced in the vintage era).

58 jets had a cool feature set of thumbnails, ebony board and deArmond pickups.

Mine also had Grover tuners (in gold) which were used by Gretsch in that year.

Not so sure about the pickguard, though.

The pickguard on the OP duo jet jumped out at me as not original as well.

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