Vintage Gretsch Guitars

58 Annie PSA



Pretty clean looking Annie missing the pickguard and a knob. Seller thinks it's a '62. I'm pretty sure it's a '58 due to the 22 frets and the discolored thin plastic surround on the FilterTron. Bonus is a somewhat hairy vintage tweed case.

Edit: Big thumbwheels on the space control bridge also very '58-ish; you can see part of a trestle thru the f-hole on the first pic.


That's an unusual dark sunburst for a '58, isn't it? The Filtertron ring looks oddly shaped on its outside but more important: Where did all the thumbnails up the neck go?


Right now the shipping shows as $3.50


Trestle bracing is obvious in the first photo. I think the Filter is upside-down.


A tad expensive no?.....thumbnail inlays situation, missing knob & pickguard. It's the less valued sunburst and only a single pup. Looks fairly clean otherwise, just not worth $1500 IMO.

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