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58 6120 — No Horseshoe



No horseshoe or anything on the headstock. Part of the label with the serial # is missing (never a good sign) but the enclosed warranty gives a #29929 which is a legit batch. If the neck is anything like my '58 Streamliner, no wonder the finish has worn off.


The #299xx batch is considered a 1959 model year group... and all 15 that I've documented from that group have zero frets. The fact that the Reverb 6120 does not AND it is missing a horseshoe in the headstock should make us wonder if the neck wasn't replaced at some point (with an earlier neck??).

Interesting listing... and do yourselves a favor a watch the JD Simo vid that the seller posted. I guess I assumed the guitar JD Simo was demonstrating would be the same 6120 that is for sale... but it's not. Still a great piece of playing!


That's a '59 and, I think, it should have the heavy trestle bracing. Cool looker but the headstock looks kinda naked without the horseshoe. Can't be sure the serial number is missing from the label - could just be a small tear. But it does beg the question why the seller would intentionally obscure that part of the label while revealing the entire serial number on the warranty sheet. And I can't say I've ever seen so much wear on the underside of the upper treble bout. The owner clearly spent a lot of time playing while seated and wearing pants made of an especially coarse fabric


I don’t buy that neck wear, not at all. The only time I’ve seen that level of even neck ‘wear’ is on a relic. I’ve never seen that level of legitimate neck wear.

And that headstock logo just looks plain wrong.


Transitional special order? The seller says that this was bought from the original owner. I've spent ridiculous amounts of time poring over neck profile photos and this one looks a lot like the slim D shape I love on my '58 Streamliner. Most of the '59's and later models I've seen/played have a rounder C shape which my hands don't like as much.


The lack of horseshoe doesn't bother me... we've seen several others this way. It's the (no) zero fret that has me fretting.


Never seen that level of wear on any guitar neck without at least some wear from the upper arm on the front, the one Deke posted has that wear as does ours (used to be "ours" sold it to a nice young kid from BC)


Here’s another ‘58 with no horseshoe:

Maybe it’s normal...

– Deke Martin

This one (Deke posted) was my guitar for a while. A really nice 6120. Curt fixed it up a bit. I traded it for a few other Gretsches (of course)

Bone stock as it was. I think its the 4th or 5th head stock without a horseshoe Ive seen. All of them in 58 style.

And I agree the warranty paper does not match the features. Particularly the lack of zero fret.

Somewhat odd. Maybe mismatched papers??


Yeah, no zero fret and no narrower headstock which are 59 things. Perhaps not altogether crazy to see a 58 style neck in that time frame, but known earlier ones had the 59 style.


I don’t buy that neck wear, not at all. The only time I’ve seen that level of even neck ‘wear’ is on a relic. I’ve never seen that level of legitimate neck wear.

And that headstock logo just looks plain wrong.

– Deke Martin

I agree Deke that that wear doesn't look normal. IMO, that neck has been taken down in the past and some odd type of finish applied. There's no 'wear' pattern, it's just too even all over and that doesn't happen no matter how much it's played. When I got my '72 Super Chet it had the centre area of the back of the neck's finish worn completely through to the bare wood and it was clearly worn, not taken down like this one......not 'legitimate' wear as you stated.


The neck was probably very worn, but with some finish lingering in almost random areas. That could certainly prompt the owner to even it out for the sake of comfort.


Seadevil May have a valid point.

I don’t recall ever seeing this pattern on the lower bout. Maybe a lot of time in a warm climate with the player sitting and playing in shorts?


The neck of my 1961 6121 is worn in the same way. It even has the same darker edges to the worn wood. Mine is 100% original. I think they just have been played a whole lot. And the neck of my 59 Green Anniversary is also worn in the same way.


I am pretty sure this 6120 came from a Church style player. It came from North Carolina from the original owner as per the the listing

Looks like it was used in a seated setting for about 50 years --hence the wear. Ive seen a few necks over the years that look like that. The underside of the bout wear is the tell tale sign for it being used weekly while seated.

Lovely old 6120. As discussed the serial # doesn't jive with the feature. I'll give it a pass....

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