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57 Jet solidbody question


Those of you who own or have access to a 1957 model year Jet solidbody... perhaps you could assist a brother?

I recently examined one, and was interested to observe the termination of the neck heel is different than on my '56 model year Jet solidbody. Where as my experience with earlier Jets ('56 and earlier) is that the cap that resides on the neck heel is flush to the back of the guitar... the '57 ends short of that, leaving a small shelf (see photo). Also... this observation was on a 6121, which is the only Jet with binding around it's back... so I'm curious if perhaps this something specific to that model? Thoughts?


Hi Ed, Heres my 57 Duo jet.......cheers Andrew


Rubbish photo & completely wrong angle but its flush to the neck!


I think the 6121 that Jack Daniels did the neck set on had a mortise and tenon joint, instead of a dovetail. And I believe it was a 57, so, maybe it's not a dovetail joint Ed.


gretschcrush... that photo doesn't make it look flush at all?!


Ed, both my 57 Jet Firebirds are like yours. Here is 22525.


Hmmm, another try:


Yeah 57's have the lip or ledge. I brought this up a long time ago when we where looking at that funky roundUp that had the leather removed from the sides and was looking at the routed channel. Very old thread.

My '57

neck heel



Andrew, is your control covers two ply B/W material?


Hi P, yes black on outside and Ageing yelllowing white on inside?..why?


Thanks boys... that what I needed. I just wanted to be sure this wasn't a 6121 only feature.


My experience for what it's worth is that the change occurred with the change of the neck joint. Just like JJB states above, the mortise necks were the ones with a shorter heel. It's easy to check if the guitar has a dovetail.


Late to this post but here are two, a 6131 (22768) and a 6128 (21955). (The height difference is mostly camera angle.)


Mine is the same. My '56 is about half that, interestingly...


So it looks like I'll have to go back and scour over photos to try and determine about when this transition started. Riz... can you PM me your '56 example's serial number so I can at least start there and work backwards?

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