Vintage Gretsch Guitars

57 Jet for Sale


No affiliation with the owner but looks like it is in great shape and all original so might be of interest to someone here with the right amount of cash.


In other totally unrelated news I am watching a great Everly Brothers documentary that is on Youtube right now.

21988, 2 batches after Harrison's. The Grover Sta-tites are probably original as many humpblocks had this feature. Broken tip pickguard (easy fix for Paul Setzer) and I'm not sure if the wiring is original but it's super clean otherwise. Thanks for the tip about the Everly doc.

Sweet Jet. I would love just an hour with it. It would be fun to compare it to the reissues.


I get it (Harrison features) but It's priced as though George owned it! Knock the asking in half and it becomes more realistic.


Everyone thinks they have the Holy Grail.

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