Vintage Gretsch Guitars

57 DuoJet PSA


What a steal. If she were mine, I would only worry about the playabilty and leave every scar for posterity. I don't like relics, but I love seeing an old gal that's been around the block come out of the closet and wear it proudly and growl like a Mofo! Love the crack in the back. It looks clearly aesthetic and doesn't appear to be a structural issue, based on the pics. Play the hell out of her!! Oh, Congrats!


Cool! Congratulations, Biel! I can't wait to hear you play it!


Congrats Biel! You’ll do it justice I’m sure. I love my 57.


BIel! Great that you got it. Hope all is well in BCN.


Felicitaciones Biel.

The top looks cool to me. Great player's grade bargain.



I was SO close to hitting Buy It Now on that one (I did make an offer on it, though) - congrats!

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