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But this is just loverly. Somehow the light really catches this beauty. Something I've noticed with the truss rod covers from around this time: they are very subtly radiused on the bottom corners. Why can't Grover make proper Imperial knobs like these? Still has the cheapo plastic strap peg. Gary doesn't seem to know if this is a '56 or '57. He should buy Ed's book.


You gotta wonder, does he ever sell any of his guitars?


Gorgeous guitar that!

I think he's just sold his 58 Gent,i've been watching that for a long while,of course it could just be on hold....again!


Beautiful It was these guitars which prompted me to refinish the 60s country club project I had. Too bad these seem like they'll always be out of my price range.


I've bought one guitar from Gary. I payed dearly, but I had to have it. One thing about his website is that he does not take stuff off when it sells. The guitar I bought from him was on the site for at least a year.


Lovely indeed! I'm surprised that he doesn't have a 5 figure price tag on it.

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