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55 Streamliner 6189 model for sale!


I have a beautiful 55 Streamliner I am wanting to sell. Figured this would be a good place to find a serious collector. It has a stellar bamboo yellow and coppermist finish. Minimal ware, one of the knobs has a small chip. The pick up needs to be cleaned up. When hooked up to an amp the sound is very faint, I had taken it down to a guitar repair shop and they said that the pickups wires needed to be fixed and that it would be very easily done. The only notable problem with the guitar is that is has a very slight neck separation. The neck is still nice and straight, not warped at all! She really is a beautiful guitar! The model number is 6189 and the serial is 17842 so you can be assured it is a 55. I want $2,000 for it or best offer. I know it needs some repairs so I would like to see some offers on it, price is negotiable. If anyone is interested I an upload or send some pictures of it. Thanks! email me at and/or comment here.


I love the Streamliner model(s), and currently own several. If yours has the longer truss rod cover (and not the smaller "bullet" shaped cover), it's actually considered a '56 model year example. That batch is when the transition occurred and yours is late enough in the batch that I'm curious which side it falls on.

The "very faint" output from the pickup would be a big concern for me. Sounds like you need the pickup rewound, which if that's the case, isn't exactly easily done. In fact there are less resources for getting vintage Dynasonic pu rewound these days than there were a few years ago.

The neck separation is not uncommon, and is evidence of the need for a reset. This could be $350-400 repair depending on who does it.

It's going to be hard to sell this guitar without some photos. There is a "garage sale" section on this forum that's designed for people selling equipment, and you may have more traffic from prospective buyers there. Good luck with the sale... I can confirm how great these guitar can be!


I really appreciate all the info and help! I put up a post in the garage sale section of the forums. I also uploaded some pictures here is a link to the album on photobucket if you would like to take a look.


As mentioned, I'd categorize that as a '56 (based on features). One of the earliest. Doesn't affect value though... '55 or '56, same thing.

The neck heel doesn't appear too bad yet. Has it made the string too action high? Or is the guitar still playable?


Or you could buy back the '55 you sold me Chris. It's the best of my gaggle... but I'm making room for something new.


I still have the guitar, I am only interested in selling it to someone in the US. Overseas shipping costs are outrageous. I will do $1800 and I will cover the shipping charge. Email me if interested


If in good shape this is a great guitar (just bumping the post for John in support. ) Not sure what it would take to revive the pickup, since I've never needed to do that.

For all you 1956 yellow Cadillac fans:


Hard to beat the 50's 8-)


I still have the guitar, willing to sell it for $1,500! I am not sure if the repairs it needs are keeping away interest, but this guitar really is beautiful! Thanks for bumps guys.


Take trades?

Just kidding. That's a beauty, but if you need all that work done, the price you ask may still be a little steep, IMHO.


I appreciate the honesty. I know how much a neck reset would cost but as for the pickups I don't really know. What would you estimate?


Pulled this off Seymor Duncan's site:

We do offer rewinding service. Rewind single coil starts at $65.00 and it will depend on type of pickup. Rewinding Humbucker will start at $85.00. If you're interested, please contact our Custom Shop at 805-964-9610 between 8 am - 5 pm (Pacific) Monday - Friday.

Lollar discontinued this service.

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