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I've never seemed to get on well with Stratocasters, although many of my favorite guitar players get great sounds out of them --- Hendrix, Trower, SRV, Gilmour, Junior Marvin, Nile Rodgers, the Beatles (Nowhere Man, etc.) et al. For many years, I've relied on my Peavey T-60 to get those spanky single coil tones on the rare occasions when I want them.

Recently, though, I acquired a MXR Uni-Vibe to get those psychedelic pswirly tones, and it behaves much differently than a phase shifter, which I've used for years. Most of my guitars are equipped with either P-90's or humbuckers, and they all seemed too dark and muddy in tone with the distorted Uni-Vibe sound. I tried the Gretsch 5420 with blacktop filters, and it was closer, but something was missing tonally. The Peavey got the tone I was after, but alas --- no vibrato arm. Sooooo … I decided I needed to get a Strat, but being as how I don't expect to use it all that much, I didn't want to spend much on it. Besides, there just isn't that much to the Strat design, so spending many hundreds (or even more --- yikes!) on it didn't seem warranted.

After scouring the local music shops and doing some online research, I found a Stagg SES50M on eBay from a store in Kansas City, for $175.00 brand new including shipping, and the online reviews were highly favorable. So I pulled the trigger, and it arrived today, and it is every bit as good in tone, looks and playability as any Fender I've played --- and not just Squiers, either. It was supposed to come with a soft case, too, but didn't, so I'm working that out with the seller. Oh yeah, and D'Addario strings too.

The pickups are surprisingly quiet and very even in volume. The body is solid alder, and the neck is a chunky C shape with a satin finish and feels very comfy in my hands. The volume and tone controls work very smoothly, and the tuners are smooth and solid. Clean it's as twangy as anyone could want, and overdriven it sounds just like it's s'posed to. I do need to tweak the bridge saddle adjustments a little, but that ain't no thang. Here 'tis:

There's also a feature that to me is an improvement over the Fender design. (No offense, Leo!) The neck pocket on the body is curved rather than squared off like the Fender, which makes playing the high notes much easier and more comfortable. Take a gander:

So, for a guy who isn't usually all that excited about Strats generally, I'm very, very happy with this one, and will no doubt end up using it for funk and reggae rhythm playing too. Since it's here and everything. It's all the Stratocaster I can imagine ever needing, and at the price I paid, I'm glad to have it in my collection.


Parabar, I love and think it kicks ass. Alder body and chunky neck just adds to the goodness. I must say that because of the narrow necks, I've played my Strats way less than I used to but will never always need my fix because of what I play.

Experiment and become friends with it and then play the hell out of it. Great acquisition so enjoy!


The Stagg electric guitars have always been a good buy. But you don't see them too often. If I felt the need for Stratocasterization, I would be happy to have a Stagg. When I worked in a music store, we used to carry Stagg classical student-grade guitars, and they were pretty well made for the low price they went for, and we sold a lot of them.

Enjoy your new Staggocaster.



I too sometimes want to hear the Stratocaster sound especially since my first guitar was a Squier Bullet and my second guitar was a MIJ Fender Stratocaster that was my only electric guitar for over 10 years. Like you I didn't want to spend a ton of money but I did miss having a Stratocaster around. My solution was to buy a part at a time to spread out the finances and build a partscaster. I like it better than my previous ones and even better than some I've played in music stores.


I've been a Stagg dealer for quite a while. Great bang for your buck guitars for sure. Happy new guitar day.


Parabar, congrats buddy on the new guitar! Nice looking guitar.


Congrats! My guitar of choice is still a Strat. It is the only guitar I can truly get "my sound" on. For most of my gigging career, I played a Strat. I'd try others, but always return to a Strat.

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