Vintage Gretsch Guitars

54 Strange Blonde Club PSA



Beautiful condition, but a real study in off-gassing bridge Dyna spacer. Maybe a re-neck as Ed's book makes this batch as being the first batch (#12601) with first fret marker, but humps came at #140xx. Label is 1st version and arrow knobs came later. Everything but the label seems to be from later. Tweed case too for this strange and beautiful blonde, perhaps with an older soul.


I would think reneck too. Notice it has the early sloped shoulder body, which somehow looks wrong with humpblocks.


I would get those faux tortiseshell plastics off of there before it ruins the plating. I have a 47 & a48 Gibson BR-9 lapsteel that Gibson used the faux Tort stuff for pickup bobbins. It's off-gassing right into the the enamel coil wire.. It already ruined a pickup on my 3rd BR-9.. Sent it off to get re-built out of Forbon.

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