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54 Jet — Off-gassed



Take a look at the pickguard. I'm guessing that the laminate spacers started off-gassing and made the guard curl. Also check out the rot in the cutaway and neck heel. Do fumes settle? Otherwise very clean missing only the melita bridge. Neck heel separation. Listed as a '55 but really a '54. Two piece back too.


Can't see much on my phone... what bridge is on there? Aluminum Bigsby compensated painted black?


Looks to be an ebony archtop bridge.

I've seen white wedge guards curled up in the past, but not this bad, and I don't think I've ever seen rot like this on an early Jet.


Looks to be a generic wooden compensated. One of those fretboards with a shortened space after the 22nd fret. Blank top knobs too.


One of my Scripty Jets has a ripple developing on it's wedge guard. I'll have to check the pickup spacers, but I think they are the white/black laminate style as opposed to the tortoise celluloid, so they shouldn't be gassing.


My '59 Clipper came with a Melita bridge and had been stored a long time, maybe years. The bridge feet off-gassed onto the top leaving small scorch marks, a reaction between the plastic and the nitro top. You can see the rounded "foot print" of the Melita on the right side. This Jet is almost too clean; maybe years went by before it's case was opened up?


Looks like a tater chip :)


Someone was playing scorching hot licks.


You can SLOWLY heat that up and press it flat.


the photos of the pup surrounds up close almost make it look like the guitar was routed for larger pickups than dynas. probably just tricky photo angles messing with my eyes but i also dont see early jets often enough to be familiar with the dyna mounts. looks weird to me but what do I know


Powerjet, they are slightly oversized but I don't think they are hiding a cavity mod. They look like replacements, just made a tad wider than the cover.


Ed, wasn't this yours that I copied?


Ed, wasn't this yours that I copied?

– Setzer

If I recall that wedge guard wasn't from my Scripty, but was from a '54 6128 I had for awhile.


My old '53 Jet (Ed's since 2011) had tremendously bad offgassing from the rotting bridge pickup spacer. I immediately replaced the spacer cleaned it all up (lots of green gunk in the DeArmond pole adjustment mechanism, same story with my '56 6120). Yet, not a trace of weirdness with the pickguard or binding. Maybe it all comes down to chance, but the variance in the way these guitars age makes me wonder if the builders had some discretion in their methods and they weren't all built with the the same adhesives, etc.

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