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54 Blonde Corsair - Humpblocks



This is a bit unusual: humpblock markers happened around '57; usually block markers are seen on these models. Love the wide grain spruce lam top.


That’s a cool little Vette! Of course the seller is clueless about the vintage... as it’s from ‘54. Not a bad price, but a local pick-up only sale sadly.

I’ve documented another from this group (#16012) also a 6015 with hump-blocks. The three 6014 sunburst examples i’ve seen each have regular block markers. Maybe they were trying to plus-up the 6015 model over the standard finish Corvettes?


I’ve never seen a legitimate burgundy Bordeaux finish on any Gretsch model. I thought I might have had an early Streamliner with it... but it apparently was an old refin.


Damn, that's lovely. Great deal for someone local.


Well, calling it a '59-'63 might teach the store's owner to call Gretsch for info!! It's so easy to find our website or to find Ed with a Google search. Wonder who he talked to at Gretsch??

Question for me is, where are the members who have wanted one of these types of guitars - similar to the twins of my and Tartan's earlier Synchro's??? There's been a lot of interest here about these older archtops, one new member from Michigan asking not too long ago, about an Orchestra model that we informed him was waay over priced and he went looking elsewhere.

For this guitar, Frank in the Netherlands can make a smokin' 3 ply bound tort guard for it, and if you look around, you can find a beautiful reissue Art Deco rosewood bridge with base which would greatly improve this guitar's looks. For me, I'd leave the reissue tuners on it as they probably needed new holes drilled for their installation and the difference from the originals not readily noticeable anyway, at least not from a frontal view.

Price is pretty good I'd say, and allows for the pickguard/bridge/base upgrade. With it being a pick up only sale, perhaps someone nearby could help a distance member get this. Cool ones, especially with the lovely blonde finish and at this price, don't come along very often and in an in-person situation, cash in hand, might get the price a bit lower. For the in-person aspect of the sale, the seller doesn't usually want to see cash walk out of the store. Correcting the age of the guitar might also work in favor of the buyer.


Maybe a reneck made by Gretsch in those years (after '56) ?

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