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53 Scripty jet chamber differences?


Cool discovery, Joe. Mark, you should be able to post here and everyone here would be very interested.


Yeah, I'd love to see that. If you can't post the video here you can certainly upload to YouTube and link here. If you don't have a YouTube account I'd be happy to host the video for you.


Yes please Mark. Might be neat to see under the two round covers too. Just how much of that body is chambered?


Here's some pix from my #11935...


And the other end of the cavity....


I can't thank you enough for making this inquiry which forced me to pull this guitar out after probably 2 years in it's case. It was darn-near in tune, and I've been playing it all afternoon! What a great old Jet!!


Ed, I had no idea you had the next one along from me!


Ed, I had no idea you had the next one along from me!

– Deke Martin

Cool... is the label up-side-down on your Jet like it is on mine? Maybe someone had a hang-over on the production line that day?!


Alas, I sold mine in ‘08 and bought Texarock’s ‘56 6120. Still miss that ol’ Scripty though.


Thanks Guys. A Scripty is on my bucket list. Unless I can find a project, I would probably have to sell off a few to buy one.


Ok, I’ll fish out the scope and update the software. Sorry, I got busy and forgot about this post!


can I safely assume that the sound of Billy's and Brian's jets are the most hollow like the Xray Billy shared? I want one of those so bad I can taste the mahogany and deArmonds


Here's the inside chamber of my 1953 Duo Jet, 12044.

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