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53 Scripty jet chamber differences?


I have not seen this first hand, but it looks,like the 53s were chambered differently then 54 and beyond.


Well, that's different. So much so that it's really disorienting.


Mine was 11934, still miss that ol’ girl.


By 12013, I would say the routing had already changed. Not the best picture, but I believe it is from more or less the same direction and shows more routing off to the right than JD's example, which appears to have no chambering between the control cavity and edge of the body.

That said, mine was also a bit on the heavier side, definitely heavier than other '50s Jets I've owned. Without really carefully examining it or comparing it to others, I just kind of assumed that maybe the chambering wasn't quite as extensive as later Jets.


Guessing from the picture and Frank's comments on weight, that the first Jets in the 11xxx range were probably less chambered (more like a Solid Body). As best I can tell, there was wood surrounding the entire cavity with an area chambered for the jack and one for the wiring to the pickups.

Anyone have a script jet they can take more pics of the inside?



Later Jets were hollow, not chambered.


Only those two little squares under the bridge actually touch the top!


Ok, got a pretty good look into an Scripty 12xxx. It was not hollow like the above picture from Billy. It had wood all around the cavity on all three sides. With a 2" space for the pickup routing and a similar space for the output jack.

If you can imagine the x-ray above with wood left from the white pickup wires, along the side of the guitar down to the output jack. That is what is looks like. I will try to post some pics


One more comment until I can get more pics, but it would appear that maybe it had wider side walls then the x-ray. For example, if the jet had a 2" wide side wall instead of a 1" side wall, it would be very close to what I see from the cavity shots. Unlike the 2 I have here or the others I have had on my bench.


I found this picture a while ago of the different Jet chambering.


This is a 120xx Scripty cavity looking toward the pickups. Note you can see the thicker sidewalls cause the triangular cavity to be routed as well. Below is an example of 119xx.


Green shading is area in discussion for 120xx


And here is the money shot on 11947. Notice it’s even narrower opening.


So, looking at current info, (1953 models early in serial number)119xx has less wood removed or is more like a solid body. (Later in that batch)120xxx has a little more wood removed, but not as much as the 54-56 bodies ( like the X-ray). All mid 1954 to late 1956 I have seen are like the X-ray. So that must be what they standardized on.


I found this picture a while ago of the different Jet chambering.

– BuddyHollywood

The one on the right is the real '54 - '57 one!


Joe, I’m not sure you’ve shaded that green section correctly. In your money shot (post 17) the cables appear to be going through a narrow tunnel in the wood, so I think there is even more wood to the left of the cables - about where the Bigsby arm is showing white on the x-ray.

You’ve got in in your hands and can see it better than me, so maybe I’m interpreting the pics wrong, but that’s what it looks like.


Deke, I don’t have it my hand, but have been looking at one over the internet since we never made that deal on yours. Found two and they are slightly different in the chambering.

The first X-ray picture with the green is like the 12000 serial number I posted above. This next pic is like 11947


Ah, that makes more sense. It’s late here and I’m fall-asleep tired, but danged if I can actually fall asleep so I thought I’d pop in here for a bit - I wasn’t sure if I was looking at it right.


I have two things that might be of interest - a first batch jet, and a usb bore scope. I should fire it up for a look inside. Can video be posted here? I’ve never tried.

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