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50’s DeArmond Pick Ups and 50’s Filtetron Picks On Duo Jets


I own a 59 Duo Jet with the original Filtertons and they are nice and clear and the middle position with both pick ups on gets that nice twangy tone. I recently tried out a 55 Duo Jet with DeArmound pick ups and it was really dark sounding and really did not have that much of the Gretsch twang sound I like from my 59. Is that normal? Since I have never played one with vintage DeArmonds I was not sure if it is or just with that particular guitar. The pick ups were pretty even sounding volume wise so not sure if there is a problem with them...Thanks!


That is NOT normal. Something's very wrong with one of those pictures. The Dynasonics should, dare I say it, out-twang your FilterTrons!

It's a different twang, but it should be plenty bright. Wrong strings?


Yeah, what Proteus said. A DeArmond Jet should out twang a Filtertron one, and sound more open and clear.


It's difficult to instantly compare two guitars, or different pickups. Type of strings, the setup, and (of course) any tone control issues will make a difference. A '55 Duo Jet is the definition of "twang."


Some would say the tone gets "snarly" with Dynas, almost too bright, as compared to the slighlty more rounded out sound Filters give you.

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