Vintage Gretsch Guitars

50 Synchro 400-6040



You almost never see these. Check out the notched bound f-holes as seen in the '51 catalog; the pointy f-holes we're all used to have yet to be produced. Two-tone gold tailpiece and gold Grovers they way they should look. The stinger on the back of the headstock looks almost to be a separate piece of wood (ebony?) judging by the chip marks on the tip.


Those are the separated hump block markers that I was thinking would look great on the new GDP tribute guitar.


Gorgeous. I'm pretty sure that's the first Gretsch I've ever seen with those f-holes outside of the catalog illustrations. And what's weirdest is that every model in the catalog with bound f-holes has them, yet they barely seem to exist.


I've only seen one other and the f-hole binding was curling and breaking apart at the mitered joints. I believe that the pointy ones we all love were a result of wanting to streamline the manufacturing process. The next special that Stern makes should be one of these with the bound f-holes. The next special Annie that Gretsch makes could have these too.


This looks to me like a guitar Freddie Green would have played.

The Synchromatic inlay on the head stock is a catseye soundhole over an art deco stair step bridge. It doesn't surprise me that businesses forget their icons, it happens all the time.

It's unlikely this is a 21" scale. 25" more likely.

It doesn't have a truss adjustment plate. Might need a neck reset.

I think this guitar, no matter how well it played originally, should be in a glass display case.



Freddie Green's '56 El Dorado was essentially this guitar; his even had the same logotype on the headstock although the replacement neck didn't have it.


Thanks lx.

Did it have an adjustable truss rod?



Freddie's is also the only time I can recall seeing that mixed the t-roof logo and chili pepper.

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