Vintage Gretsch Guitars

49 Jet 21 with Papers



We've seen a few of these over the years but not this clean and with all sorts of accompanying paperwork. While these may not be much more than a New Yorker with a cool finish, they were probably Gretsch's first go at fancy finishes. You can see the spruce grain under the thin black nitro finish. I don't know if the bridge is original.

I've got a theory about the "21" on these. Gibson archtops always had 20 frets on their archtops; the only exceptions were the Byrdland and 300 series in the late '50's. This was the first Gretsch to get 21 frets.

Edit: Oops! Did a recount--it's only 20 frets. Looks like the Electro 2 got the 21 fret distinction.


Cool. I wonder what bevete would price it at.


Amazing that this guitar was purchased by two people from the same music store... 63 years apart!

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