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41 Blonde Synchro 160 Bombshell


No Affiliation With Seller.

Sn # 1868 stamped into the headstock and as far as I can make out from Ed's book seems to be correct. Changed tuners and I've not seen a brown stinger on a Gretsch before. There is a shot of it in front of a Jay Scott article but I'm not sure if it's the same guitar (also with Grovers).

Three words to Stern & Co. at the Custom Shop:

Tiger-stripe Tortoise-shell Binding.

Come up with that and we'll be talking, but not a moment before then.


Yup, that's spectacular. MoneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoneywishIhadmoremoney.


Thats simply amazing.

those tuners are not correct? They look right to me...


Thats simply amazing.

those tuners are not correct? They look right to me...

– Gasmoney

I just checked the catalog. You are correct, sir.

EDIT: These may be modern, though. I'm seeing a 16:1 ratio and IIRC the vintage ones (circa 1957) were all 12:1. Or not. Any tuner/gearheads know for sure?


That's so nice I'd be afraid to play it. Meaning, I'd play it – I'd just be afraid.


Wow! The seller, Neal, has attended roundups in NJ and Balto-DC and is a friend of Metman’s. Good guy.


Wow! That is spectacular!!!


9g's buys a LOT of guitar these days, but boy that has a lot going for it.


There's nothing I need less than a great acoustic archtop, but holy cow, that is one beautiful guitar.


That is a beautiful guitar!

That seller used to have a shop in Broomall, PA. The only time I went there, a gentleman walked in with a '50's Duo Jet in a tweed case to sell.


Stunning, for sure. And likely sounds just as mesmerizing. But I can't help craving a look without that pickguard. I'd take the pickguard off my Epi, but the pickup controls are mounted underneath it.


oh wow... I would have that on the pillow next to me and when I woke up each morning my day would be happy and smiley


First, the tuners are identical to the solid brass ones on my '41 Synchro....S/N 2301. Regardless of the S/N indicating probably correct for '41 as well, I don't believe this is a vintage guitar. Unless you could hermetically/vacuum seal this guitar when it was built and keep it permanently out of any light, it's impossible IMO, for any guitar - wood and hardware - to maintain its brand new unplayed look for 78 years!!

My Synchro - 100 or 115 depending on your persuasion - while showing its age here and there, was kept in good condition but most definitely shows the process of aging this guitar doesn't. This one is accurate in it's appointments, hardware and body shapes including the asymmetric neck profile but I can't say I've seen the neck inlays split vertically in the center so I don't know the accuracy of that feature. As for the tortoiseshell binding, someone is making it today as I've seen it on a guitar someone here pointed out earlier this year [I believe], so it's available. And it ages too, not remaining 'bright'.

Beautiful guitar, no question about it but IMO, it's the best newly made fake I've ever seen. And asking an astronomical price keeps the illusion going. An authentic one of these in pristine condition I estimate to be valued at under half this asking price, remembering that in the model lineup, there's the 200, 300, & 400 above it. A member here sold a 300 in exquisite condition a couple years back and IIRC, it didn't even approach half this asking price.


I don't believe this is a vintage guitar... it's the best newly made fake I've ever seen.


I'll accept that it may have been refinished, but it's otherwise legit.


Beautiful guitar! WindsorDave, Like ed says, might be a refin, but that's it. Anyone thàt good at fakes not working on fake vintage Les Pauls is crazy. Actually, a Synchro Gretsch would be extremely high on the "not likely to be copied/faked" list.


The patina of the wood is correct and the shrinkage of the tortoise heel cap and sound hole are not fake. You can not possibly fake the heel cap and why would you?

the case is period correct and quite clean

The guitar maybe was refinished 30-50 years ago. A blacklight would do nothing.

I have seen guitars this age in this condition many times. I had a synchro from 1951 that was in similar condition.

It happens.

It is not a fake.

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