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$27,000.. YIKES!!!


Well I’m the second “sucker” to buy the yikes jet. Personally I thought it was a bargain when it was $10k many years ago. You can’t really compare his to used jets since it is near mint and has paperwork. If this was a used near mint 1953 strat it would be worth way above $50k. So I find it sad that people who love Gretschs would say it’s not worth it. Luckily some Gretsch lovers with vision realized its worth and will be the stewards of this historic guitar. It recently passed to a new owner who realized what a special guitar it is.

– Gordon Ramsey

There will always be critics. I've paid more for a guitar I really wanted and have gotten trashed (here, many moons ago) for that choice. But it was worth every penny (and then some) because it had unique specs not to be found anywhere else. And it was a Duo Jet too. Congratulations to the new owner.


Congrats Gordon on being a steward to this gorgeous guitar. I for one can't attest to the actual value of it but 10K might as well be 10 Million for me when it comes to a guitar purchase, as I'm sure it is for a lot of us. So the "Yikes" description is accurate to many of us. That, and the fact that the Original poster in Ebay referred to the posting as Yikes!

EDIT: Like many others here, I'd love to plug it in just once and rock the crap out of it!


If you like it and want it and got the money who cares what people say.


I'd buy it....if I had $27,000 laying around....but I don't. Damn. Oh well....another missed opportunity. There were a couple of guitars at the Mecum Auction in Kissimmee earlier this month that sold for over $200,000.....and several that sold for more than $27,000 that I find less desirable than this particular guitar....maybe he should try selling it through them....


Gordon displayed the Yikes Jet at the 2012 Balto DC Roundup. It was impressive as all get out.

Those of us who own vintage Gretsches always hope that buyers will meet the optimistic asking prices of other sellers, as it would portend well for us for when the day comes that we part with ours.

That vintage Gretsches generally do not command the prices of vintage Fenders, Gibsons, Martins, et. al. has been a small boon to us. It has kept most of the old birds within reach.


Did it get plugged in and played?


In my experience, price is set by a willing buyer and a willing seller. Value depends on what an item is for, use or a storehouse for said value to increase.

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