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1968 Streamliner, repair or not?


Hi Gretsch community. I bought this guitar 15 years ago from a luthier. It had terrible bind rot and the fret-board was worn. The only thing that's changed is that a piece of the neck binding fell off. This guitar has been through a lot - playing in big studios, on the road across North America, played in front of 75,000 people - I'm unsure if I'm going to keep it or pass it along as I don't play as seriously now and don't feel I deserve it. I have no idea how much a binding job would cost or who to take it to here in Montréal. I'm curious how much it's worth in this state vs some reparation. Any thoughts?

here are some links to photos

fretboard: binding: neck: binding:


Also, it has at some point had a Bigsby and Grover tuners added. I have the original bridge and tuners in the case.


Looks a little like someone made a serious attempt to turn a Streamliner into A Gent... but it's going to take a lot to bring it up to snuff. Re-fret, Re-fingerboard, Re-fin, Re-bind, and how about the electrics?

Would you want to return it to original, or just a good player? With the original bridge and tuners, the idea of a proper restoration has some legs, but...

Too much for me, for sure.


Makes you wonder what band had it out there in the big time. Those late 60s ones often had the worst binding rot -- I have an unscientific theory why --- I had a 1968 6070 bass with binding even worse.

But To Restore or Not To Restore, that is the question.

Clean ones like this are pretty reasonable. I would just make this one play well and sound good if not too much of an ordeal and just keep it in its road worn state.


If you are looking to sell I might be interested


I'm considering it. I do love it, but it's just not realistically a part of my life now. Shoot me an email if you're serious and we could try to work out a price.


Let's hear this guitar's road stories!


Hi Davidson

I have a 68 Streamliner too, the binding rot was awful. Bob Grummitt (in Oxfordshire) replaced the whole thing for me, it cost me £300 in 2018 which I deem an absolute bargain.

On another note like all of us I've been grounded but one of the cities I miss the most is Montréal (usually go once a year for work).

Keep us updated.


If you are looking to sell I might be interested

– Gretsch6123

Man you got to keep that red Annie


Ka-bump.. Filling in the blanks after the Pages "day off".


I've decided to hold onto this. I'm going to make it a project guitar and slowly fix it up. Thanks for all the input!

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