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1968 Country Club??


Headstock looks more like it’s from the Baldwin era, but you guys know more, please feel free to chime in (No affiliation with Seller)



Well 1968 is early Baldwin, but if binding is ok ('68 might be peak rot era) looks pretty cool.


There oughta be a law that the word "rare" be banned from use when selling a guitar.


No Dynas in '68.

– sascha

No, but that guitar wasn't born with Dynas either!


Modern Dynas -- the polepieces aren't chamfered. I think I see some binding rot. Looks like it's autographed on the back by "Jim Rev. Horton Heat Heath." I'd want to see the binding -- in detail. Should have serial # on the back of the headstock, but it's not there. Did this era also have a label in the f-hole? Tailpiece is sixties.


No, but that guitar wasn't born with Dynas either!

– WB

Yeah, but one might think it would be quite fair to mention new pickups when you put a 'new bone nut' near top of the list.


The work that was done has some value of course but it needs to be refinished and have $1K of compete replaced binding so it knocks the price down. Between the missing finish and binding rot it's visually unpleasant from any angle.

The only reason to classify this guitar as rare is the changed out parts and it's shitty appearance. Most Clubs aren't this crapped up, so yes, it is rare in that respect. And being a sunburst, my first impression - pups aside - is this guitar's visual appearance makes it an Annie.

With it needing refinishing, you could do it a favor by sanding it down completely and giving it a nice new green coat.


Claims to have original knobs... but those would be the later fluted-side style in '68. Between the older G-indent knobs and lack of serial number on the back of the headstock, I'm guessing that this Club is a little earlier than 1968 production.


Beastly horrid-looking thing, innit?


Well, guess I didn't look long enough..


How could you tell if it's priced "less than what they usually go for?" Are there any comparables? Any cosmetically scandalous mid-60s Clubs with modern Dynasonics to compare it to?

How does a finish get that trashed in that particular way anyhow?

And, assuming you bought it right, what would you do with it, anyway? Could Filters be restored after Dynas are installed?

Not that I don't prefer a Club with Dynas...but if left that way, it's nothing like what it originally was. Might as well do whatever you want with it.

And if it could be reverted to Filters, refinished, and the binding replaced - I suppose by some stretch of the imagination, and with full disclosure, it could be considered a "restored" Country Club of its era.

I guess you could just play it that way - call it a player's guitar and sneer derisively at other's case queens. Wouldn't be an option for me; cheapest thing I can think to do is strip it to natural, see how it looks, maybe leave it that way with a clearcoat to keep it from greasing up. Still be kind of a player's instrument, no kind of collector showpiece.

Either of the other approaches fixes the binding and the finish. There's 800.00 - 1,200.00 expense (unless you do it yourself).

So what would be a good deal for it as it is? Maybe 800.00 - 1,200.00? 1,500.00? Call it a fixer-upper with good bones?


Well I don't think it looks 'shitty' or 'beastly' (I prefer beastly as a descriptive word) It looks like a few people have played the ^%&^% out of it. Too bad the binding is so dodgy. A recent neck reset is a good thing. I'm betting this guy just isn't as knowledgable as the lot on this forum or he's hoping someone else isn't... as far as the pickups etc. go. It looks like the tuners could be new too. Compared to the rest of the hardware they're pretty damn gold still.

This is pretty well what I paid for my 58 club with it's funny back repair.

I agree it should be around $800 less

For less I wouldn't kick it out of bed for eating cookies and I'd enjoy fixing it up


Playing that guitar out of the house would bother me in that folks may think I have no respect for an instrument. It's one thing for a guitar to have battle scars but this looks like a case of disrespect and indifference to me.

Pups are neither here nor there to me as this model has had both. With having to replace all the binding and totally refinishing it to anything but a sunburst - so it doesn't look like an Annie at first blush, no offense to Annies! - the asking price is at least 120% overpriced. New [aged] binding and the correct or close green finish and you'd have a lovely guitar. I think we'll see this one sit there for a long time at that optimistic price.


Call him up Norm and offer $800 and tell him that price is what some of us here think it's worth, given the cost to rebind and refinish it.


I think refinshing the guitar isn't a bargaining point. It's finish is rough but many old guitars have well worn finishes.It's a bargaining point but most people wouldn't have the guitar refinshed. The binding is a bigger bargaining point. The fellow knows the pickups are reissues, he knows the tuners are reissues too. I don't think he thinks it's important. He thinks (and correctly) that the binding is typical of this era Gretsch, however that doesn't make it okay of course. As for offers he claims $1800 is his rock bottom price as he recently spent a lot of money on the guitar. He may have got a reset done etc. Sadly you can't always get the money you spend on a guitar out of it again. I say it's more like a $1000-1200 guitar as it's a player with a good neck reset despite it cosmetic issues.


Tox, I'd agree wholeheartedly about this finish if it looked at all like "normal" wear. Even if it was extreme, if it looked "natural" I'd be more tolerant.

That patch on the arm-goes-here area just doesn't look natural - too small in area, too abrupt around the edges, too irregular a shape. That looks like damage: a spill, a buffing attempt gone unexplainably awry, who knows what. Back of the neck looks unusual too. Never seen quite that pattern. They almost look like a particularly inept relic attempt. At the very least, they take some splainin.


Looks to me like wear plus obsessive picking at the edges. Sometimes these finishes just start to chip off too. I've seen it happen


I had a 61 SB Annie, that had the same sort of patchy, dodgy looking flake off going on. However, I wouldn’t put it past a Novice to attempt to relic it and realizing it comes offmostly in patches.


You could easily put filters back into it. The finish flaking is normal; it's lived in a dry environment. $2K is delusional.

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