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1957 transitional Streamliner in Seattle


For the general information of forum members there is a 1957 2 tone bamboo yellow/copper mist streamliner in a Pawnshop (Capital Loans) in Seattle.

It's a transitional model with one of those filtertrons with no patent number on it and the first style of pickup surround. Solid straight neck, great angle, good bridge break angle too, some work on neck fretboard inlays done(I think because of shrinkage) Paint, pretty good, some chips. Seems to have light trestle bracing. Kind of weird lighter braces between top and back around the pickup. Quite low jumbo frets, 50's melitta bridge I believe, original tailpiece and original case. I went and looked at this but didn't buy it because I wanted to get it for CHEAP and couldn't. Also it didn't grab me by the throat but it might someone else.I bought the Convertible instead because I'm nuts!!! I've been sitting on it for a while as I decided which to buy. Last I saw it was $1599 US. It's been there since November 2016 and was still there a month ago. No affiliation with the seller.


That should be a heavy trestle, interesting.


+1 for nuts

– Doppler

oh heck +1 bad nuts or +1 good nuts ? Good on you for looking for a facebook page.


I ran across a '58 6120 with this kind of bracing at a show a couple of summers ago.

Two mahogany blocks on the inside of the top parallel braces going from the top to bottom for each pickup to rest on. No neck-lock/heel dowel. Way lighter than any standard trestled '58 or '59. Gretsch was still using the rounded parallel braces seen (actually felt) on all pre-'58 archtops. They stopped rounding them so that they would have a surface to glue the standard trestle braces that go from underside the tops to the braces(for '58) or the small square blocks (for '59 and later) on the inside back.

I got a very clear look at the blocks because of my mechanics mirror and mini-gooseneck (readers) flashlight. I've got a 6189 much like the above but it has the standard '58 heavy trestle bracing. Mine came with a space control bridge and the pickguard low-mounted as above that was cut for a Dyna equipped guitar. I see these called "transitional" but they really aren't as they don't transition to anything but the end of the line; this was the last version of the '50's Streamliner.


My 57 #256XX has spruce heavy flat bracing(surprisingly light weight) and DeArmond pickup.


I'll dig around for the s# but I did get it; someone here was at the show and posted pics. Very clean and they wanted $12k or somesuch for it. I'm sure it's archived here under "58 6120" from a year or two ago.


Yours is from the first batch of Filter Streamliners; mine is from the #266xx batch which was the next. It has a massive tenon block for the dovetail; I used to think it didn't have a dovetail joint but there it is. Is yours a custom color or very faded natural? Is the headstock logo inlayed or is it the engraved pyralin?


Mine is Ebony board, no neck dowel custom color with engraved plastic overlay just saying Gretsch. The guitar absolutely feels just like a single pickup 6120


Yours is more of a "transitional" with the ebony board and trestle bracing; Dyna Streamliners were supposed to be redwood boards. The next batch after mine started to come with thumbnail markers. Hmm, I guess these are a bit of a "transitional" model. The necks on these (for me) are to die for. The '58 Annies started to come with the rounded c or soft v and they just don't work for me as well.


Just found the serial number for the '58 6120 without the neck lock/heel dowel and the pre-trestle Filtertron supports: #26593 from the first batch of Filtertron 6120's. Really clean condition with the cowboy case. Thick gold surrounds with blank top Filters, slanted bar bridge, neoclassic markers and the guard is square cut for Dynas.


oh heck +1 bad nuts or +1 good nuts ? Good on you for looking for a facebook page.

– Toxophilite

We're all nuts here, no judging possible really.

I googled the pawn shop and their Facebook page popped up. Nice guitar, would definitely look at buying that if I didn't have my '59 single annie. I wonder how the body resonates, nicely I suspect.


lx -- Back in 1992, I sold Brian Setzer a 1958 6120 that matches your description perfectly. I don't recall off hand the serial number but I believe it was 26-something. It was an amazing guitar with the best neck profile I have ever found on a vintage 1950's or 1960's Gretsch. Only the late 1970's Super Axes and Atkins Axes have a neck profile at all similar. Certainly wish I had this guitar back!

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