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1964 Black Country Gentleman


The picture of the finish that looks most odd to me is the back of the headstock. That seems very shiny...which seems to highlight something going on with the space near the top of the headstock in the center. Is that the imprint of a serial number under the finish?

I thought that what you noticed was a reflection. But definitely the right point to make. To me going through the trouble of making a post 1966 body (when the S/Ns started on the back of the headstocks) into a double mute model just doesn't make sense.

Another thing I also should point out is that the pickup bezels (rings) would be gold and so would the pickups on a vintage CG. The tuners, pickups, bezels, pickguard, strap buttons, knobs and Bigsby are all gold on a CG. Yours was specifically assembled for a silver/black effect not a gold/black effect.

Do not complete this transaction. You won't have to wait years and years for a good one of the era for $2500--just be very mindful of the rot. Black finish you will have to wait for.


Just popped in to say that it looks beautiful. Black Gent it’s always been one of my dream Gretsch, unfortunately I never found one that met my pockets. However, I agree that 3800 it’s a lot of money for a modded/refined guitar. Moreover, those bigger/incorrect fret makers give her the same look of those cheap chinese fakes on the internet. And that’s the baddest thing to me. As good as it looks, I would let it go anyway.


Just read through this thread. I think the black finish could very well be original.

I say as many custom color gretsches we’ve seen over the years here on the GDP all had silver hardware where it would normally be gold. More so with guitars that were like this one from 1960 on.

I wish I could remember the one or two we discussed over the past 5 years. They both had chrome hardware.

aside from the finish question I think you did right by canceling. There’s a lot of good great choices with gretsch in that price range.

Look forward to seeing what you end up getting.



The pics on reverb are higher resolution and make me think that parts of the black paint are original. What I thought was funkyness on the back of headstock was typical chipping on the glue joint. But there is also some strangeness on the finish near the pick guard and cutaway. Other areas look straight. But the fingerboard and the stories don’t add up to this being a $3800 guitar.

The longer the tale, the harder the sale.


Epilogue. Note this one does have gold hardware.

On the one in this thread, the way the F Holes were done makes it look factory Gretsch. But the neck and other issues would have killed the deal for me.



– bobeele

What are the knob things on either side of the Bigsby axle?


What are the knob things on either side of the Bigsby axle?

– El_Mike

The controls for the dual mutes.

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