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1964 6120 radius


I have a 1964 6120. I want to but a Tru Arc bridge. What is the fretboard radius of a 1964 6120? Thanks


Email me, Whipsaw - I can send you a cutouttable radius gauge and we’ll know for sure.


BTW,the original Bar Bridges were never matched to the fretboard radius. From what I've been told is that they would just stick round brass bar stock into a vise and bend it. So a Tru-Arc is a great idea for every Vintage Gretsch, especially if you have a "Space Control" bridge..


Hello Tim....I believe you are the Tru Arc guy......Thanks for the reply. My email is The "mo" is for Mosrite. I'm actually looking for 3 compensated bridges....2 for 2013 and 2014 gretsch guitars and one for a 1964 6120. Bob


Got all the info I need.....Thank you all


Just measured the radius on my early ‘67 6120. It’s 20”. The corresponding bar bridge is almost flat. I checked my ‘58 Tele, that’s only 7.25”.


A 20" radius is almost flat, as guitar necks go so your bar bridge should be a decent match, no?


Windsordave, Not bad, I can tell the 20” gauge is more curved than the bridge, and that the bridge is not flat, so there are no serious mismatches. I would, however, like better coupling between the bridge base and the body, and between the strings and the bar and base. Like many bridges, the coupling in the z direction (I mean perpendicular to the plane of the body) is quite good, but string movement in the plane of the body (x,y) is not strongly coupled to the body surface. A Tru-Arc (with a better ebony base) will doubtless increase the efficiency of this coupling in general but, being floating, we’ll never achieve good transmission in the direction parallel to the body, and perpendicular to the string direction. Jeez. Geometry. That make any sense to you?


Simply sand down the base on the top as has been described here every so often. Anything you buy may not fit snug on the top, leaving it able to skate on the surface. This usually is sufficient to ensure it stays put, unless you beat the hell out of the strings when you play, moving it side to side. If you have to, after sanding, you can also put some bow rosin on the bases' feet or pin it.


Windsordave, Yup, done the sanding, I’ve considered pinning. But every time I look at that beautiful crazed pastel orange nitrocellulose, I chicken out. Bow rosin it is!


Anyone know the year of my Guitar? 6120 Chet Atkins Hollowbody/Nashville Ser# 861068



1966 (see your other thread for more detail)


I've got a 20" radius on my '59 Anniversary fretboard too, and wondering how close the bridge radius should be - currently it's about 10". If it's going to vary slightly from the fretboard, is it preferable to have a slightly smaller or slightly larger radius on the bridge?


Well, there's an interesting question!

Personally, I'd go for a tighter radius on the bridge as the "inside" strings are "easier" to finger but, YMMV especially with string gauge.

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