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1964 6120 on Cl


with paper... still don't know what the single cut/double cut differential is. $2850 for this?


For this asking price, several closeup pics should accompany the ad. This price is too high IMO. There was a recent ad for that Gent claiming to be NOS. Even ignoring that claim, it appeared to be about the same condition and age as this 6120, and the consensus here IIRC was that it was worth less than this price. If the Gent was valued at the upper $2K's, 3K at the most, then I'd put this at $200-300 less. I say this based on the Gent's generally being regarded as a bit more valuable than the 6120, condition being equivalent.

Having said that, there's always the personal appeal of the orange finish vs the walnut to sway someone's desire.


Sorry about this, I started it and tried to edit it on the fly on my phone.....apologies

Here is the Link below NO affiliation with Seller



still don't know what the single cut/double cut differential is.

Substantial. 2x-4x depending on specifics. And this isn't a '64, it's a '67. I paid $3500 for a '64 6120 once. It was a really nice one and I got my money back out of it, but I don't know, little things like the horseshoe, big bar bridge, pre-Nashville guard add up. If it's really as nice as claimed with zero rot, I don't find the price totally crazy, but its going to be a tough sell.


This one has been on either Reverb, eBay, or both for awhile.


He's in Pasadena which is about 30 minutes from me. Looks nice but I think he's a bit ambitious on his price.

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