Vintage Gretsch Guitars

1961 Stereo Annie (!)



You rarely see these. This is in what the '63 catalog called "two-tone tan." Notice the lack of Annie badge. Too bad about the binding rot but no biggie since it's an opaque finish. #41208.

The switches are close to the edge, just like Neil Young's 1961 Buffalo 6120. Looks to have a lot of case candy including the new-to-me PAF Tone Twister and check out the strap knobs on it.

According to the '61 catalog, the sunburst stereo is the 6111 model and the two-tone green Annie is the 6112. I'm betting that this is listed as a 6112, but the model number on the label is blank. The Space Control bridge looks like it's upside down or something.


That one won't last. The close-to-edge scene mentioned is new to me. Never heard of it in all my years hanging here.

Stereo Hi Los -- pretty cool. For my stereo project I gotta have buckers tho.

Someone here should get this


Eh, that's one of those rare interesting Gretsch's that should be collectable, but are super hard to move. And its a binding project, too bad, because it looks like it has low miles.


I would say that this probably means a neck reset is in order. They put the thumbwheels over the bridge instead of under to drop it just a little more.


I am sort of eaten up w/ stereo right now-- just going thru a phase, one of my many


It's already sold so the original link takes you to something else that wants you to buy. Here is the link to the listing now.

As far as those faded model number ink stamps, it looks like the dies for those are part of the Julien's auction. It would be nice to have them to refresh the model number ink stamps in some of my old Gretsches.


I bought it. I keep you informed, when the repair is complete ( neck reset, binding repair )


Good luck with it Ralf... keep us appraised of what you discover about it. I have some photos of it from a previous on-line auction/sale, and it's top was very stained, so it's been cleaned up a bit since then. It is an interesting specimen for sure!

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