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Can someone please help me with the serial number to date the guitar?

When I bought it the guy said it was a 1964 but at the GDP about 10 years ago somebody said from the serial number it was a 1966. From the serial number I thought it indicates it's a 1967, so I would like somebody to please verify what it is. I left off the last digit because I don't think it's necessary in determining the year. Serial number is as follows -


Thank You


If there's a Made in the USA stamp with the serial number on the back of the head stock, it's a July 1968 guitar. Otherwise it's .somewhere around 1965. It's a transition guitar. Hopefully Ed Ball can add some help on this,



Lee, thanks for the info. No Made In USA on Back of headstock but on f hole label it says something about Brooklyn and Broadway. Something like that.

Something like this picture of the net I got just now.


That post would not post pic. Let me try again on this one.


Lee, I'm sure now it's a 1965. I took what you said as well as read the Serial # section at the GDP on dating Gretsch by serial number and it shows it is a 1965.

Not sure why the previous owner said it was a 1964. Maybe, like me, he didn't understand how to read the serial numbers. Not sure why somebody here at the GDP said it's a 1966 about 10 years ago. But from what the serial number article says and from what you say it is a 1965. Originally I'm going over that serial number article and misunderstood that's why I thought it was a 1967 or 68 actually.

Mystery solved. Now I know my guitar is two years older than me. Ain't that great my guitar was 2 years old when I was born? Mike Guitar was born on the East Coast and I was born on the West Coast. Makes me wonder if my guitar was ever on any professional recording's or it's hard with anyone famous and all that.

Thank you very much for helping me solve the mystery.


Ha! We're the same age! My guitars tend to be 3 years older than me though


I might have suggested that this Club is a '66 model year example. Several pot codes have been documented from this batch dated Nov. of '65, and this is also the batch where the shallow body depth and string mute features reverted back to the deeper body depth and no mutes, signifying a new model year feature set(?). I would say that if a #783xx batch Club has the shallow body with mutes it's one of the last of the '65 model year examples, but if it has the deeper body and no mutes it's plausibly one of the first '66 model year examples. With pots dated that late, it could have even been made in early '66. We'll never know for sure.


kc_eddie, thanks for the info. What you say makes sense. It is the deeper body with no string mute. I love this guitar. Amazing vintage guitar. I am blessed to have it. I will post some pics later.


Ha! We're the same age! My guitars tend to be 3 years older than me though

– Toxophilite

Toxo, glad to meet someone here my age! Most my guitars are younger than me. I do have some older than me. A 1962 Kay Swingmaster jazz guitar with Bigsby. A circa 1936 SS Steward acoustc archtop.


I have 10 guitars, 5 are Gretsches and only 1 is older than I am.

Nice lookin' Annie!


Gretsch dates can be really wacky as Ed can tell you. My 6192 Country Club has a serial # that puts it in 1963; 59313 but the pots read Feb. of 1964.. Nice guitar! I have the thin body with a removed mute. I took out the mute a couple years ago as I don't use it, never plan on selling the guitar and I think the guitar sounds better without it. Same with my 1962 6192(it has the lovely Trestle bracing!!)


O.K... I just looked in Tony Bacon's Gretsch book and his serial numbers are more realistic and correspond to my 6192 being a `64. Jay Scott's book had a different serial # scheme that we've gone by for years...


Don... Tony B. contacted me as he was updating his Gretsch book, and he incorporated some of the latest serial number data I've assembled.

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