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1960 Gretsch Tennessean


Lovely 1960 Tennessean #34904 - been after an original for a while. DELIGHTED


I've got a set of nickel waverleys for this baby


That's a beauty. Thumbnails on an unbound ebony board is tops. The white waverlys actually look pretty decent, but not as business-like as the nickel.


Dream guitar! Such good shape, I'd be afraid to touch it! My dream is to find one in "okay shape" someday. So nice, man!


Tuners aside this guitar looks pretty straight!


Very nice! Is that a modern bridge?


You get some nice looking guitars. Congrats


Not sure about the bridge. It's v clean so could be new


That is one of the best looking guitars Gretsch ever made IMHO.

The condition is incredible.

Congratulations and enjoy!


They call it the poor mans 6120 but I don't care. The light trestle bracing is amazing. It's a cool looking vintage gretsch for a 1/3 of the price of a 1960 6120 that's all that matters to me. Shame it's sibling is the 6120 as its never really had a chance to shine.


I like the color better than on a lot of 6120s of the era. I love my 1960 6119. I got it off someone on this site. It had been converted to a 12 string in the late 60s or 70s so definitely the "player" model. I've gigged with it and the one pick up is just fine.

Great guitar Andrew, congrats!


Mark, it Goes nicely with the Gretsch Artist Amp. Nice dirty growl


Lovely guitar! Congrats!

How would you describe the neck shape?


Mark, it Goes nicely with the Gretsch Artist Amp. Nice dirty growl

– gretschcrush

I don't doubt it! I loved the sound of that amp with filtertrons in particular.


I was just saying in another thread how amazing the pickup on my 1960 is.

here it is with it's paternal twin.

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