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1960 Anniversary Restoration Pt 5


Thanks JBJ.

Danman's right I'm doing this as a sort of idealised vintage 6120 - so flame top, a finish that's more amber than orange, trestles, a rosewood fingerboard, a regular nut and yes, a hotrod layout.

The plan is a 3-way switch, master volume and tone.

The guitars I like best are Stewbert's 6120 and the 1960 example at the top right of page 115 in Ed Ball's book.


Nothing short of amazing. Your writing is on par with your meticulous restoration; I find that I'm reading with my mouth hanging open trying to anticipate your responses to the various contingencies that crop up with the restoration. Uneven tapered headstocks indeed. Since you have put a veneer on the back of the headstock, are you going to paint a black stinger as Gretsch did with all it's blondes from the vintage (pre-1970) era? A true amber finish will be stunning. Can't wait.


Actually lx I re-veneered the front not the back of the headstock. No stinger planned I'm afraid, but thanks for your kind comments.


Hi fellas

Part 5 of this Gretsch project has been posted up on the Guitar & Bass website, so if you haven't read it already you can read it online here.


Another great article! I love reading them! I can't wait to see the guitar when it's done!


Well I managed to wait for a day and a half after glueing the neck but I couldn't wait any longer. So I popped on the tuners and strung her up for the first time in years.

I love listening to the way the sound changes as a restored guitar seems to remember that it's a musical instrument.

The neck is straight and I took care to level and dress the frets so it plays pretty well. Currently the original nut is shimmed up but once I fine tune the slots it should play very nicely. Hat's off to the worker who carved this neck. It feels fantastic.

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