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1959 Silver Jet needs top


Like Curt said, it's some sort of celluloid product. And it's mostly clear with embedded flakes. I've read on vintage knife collecting forums (many grips were made of celluloid) that light and clear celluloid are the most prone to deterioration. I'm guessing that's why you occasionally see Silver Jets with shrinking and deteriorating tops (though I've never seen one quite like this) while Duo Jet tops are invariably perfect.


Can you see if it's white or black under the flake?


i will have to check mine, i have one in worse condition, with 99% of the sparkle gone, except under the bridge. the bottom layer is white. i will check to see if it is multi layer. one of these days i will do something with it.


I thought that was my Jet in Bryan's pic!

I had the top replaced by Jack Pimentel in Washington State. Cad Green was very helpful and instrumental in the whole thing. Jack did a fantastic job.

I miss that guitar...


Any updates on the crispy silver jet?

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