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1959 6120 @ Guitar Center


Very cool. Something looks a little funky to me with the bridge base, but that's picayune.

Tempting, especially with that 1959 look (no Gretsch V-cut). I wonder if it's 2.5'' or 2.75'' thick.

– knavel

The feeling was a lot like my sslvo. Thick. even the neck seemed 9.75 radius To me


That skunk stripe looks odd to me. It seems too far to the left at the top, yet too far to the right at the bottom, thus suggesting it is crooked. Yet it's central at the heel. So is the headstock crooked...? It's not a huge deal and may be nothing more than cellphone lens distortion, but it leapt right out at me so is worth mentioning.

It does look peachy, but I am also wary of the legitimacy of it.

– Deke Martin

That's pretty normal, rarely are they square all the way up. Also, the cut on the top of the headstock is never symmetrical.


Being from the #307xx batch, it has heavy trestle bracing.


I'm going to be in the area this weekend and may go check it out, even if just to see what all the fuss is over these (never have seen an old 6120 in person). Any more thoughts on it? (Red flags, value, ongoing negotiations I shouldn't muck up, etc.)

I have no business looking at a guitar this expensive, but common sense has never gotten in my way yet.


Take a closer look at that heel when you're there.



I really like this.

What's the consensus on a reasonable price?


Maybe I'm nuts, but if i really wanted it, I would be at $6500-$7500.

Thanks for posting pics. Looks nice to me.


you could breakeven easily if it isn't right for you.


Ayup, looks like a very fair starting price, and tbh, I doubt they restrung it. I'm sure the just made the deal and hung a tag on it.


Yeah there's something going on there. The heel cap has been removed and some clear has been sprayed, I think it's all from a reset.

– Curt Wilson

I second that. Also, the fingerboard extension seems very close to the body. This may or may not be around the original distance as it seems the neck angle on Gretsches got lower after '57. This is more negotiating leverage for you; prices on vintage models seem to be dropping a bit.


Regarding the side view showing the very nice binding: am I the only one to think it's awful white.....for a 59/60 guitar? Wouldn't it have to have lived it's entire life in it's case to not to have aged by now to some degree of yellow or at least ivory?


Good point and question. I didn't pay attention to that.

Got to be a good reason, just not sure looking at the pics.


It seemed like the binding was pretty uniform in color everywhere. Nick's initial pics show that pretty well, too. The whole guitar seemed like it hadn't seen much use for its age. The zero fret only had small grooves on the higher strings, and the back had minor indentations in the finish from a buckle or something, but not any chips or scratches. The bridge pickup surround had a crack. The bar bridge was worn to brass between the lower strings, the metal parts had a nice patina.

For the sake of speculation, let's assume it's had a neck set and complete binding replacement (based on comments and observations posted). Down the road, how badly do you think that affects value?

From earlier posts, I'm gathering that the serial number puts it as a real 6120, not a conversion?


It's a legit 6120. If you can get it for less than $7k... that's a nice deal.


This a very nice 59'. There is nothing wrong with it at all. i have owned many of these and know when i see a good one.

Its all there. I would buy it without question if still in the market. if you can get it in the high 6s or 7's youve got a great guitar.

They are really exceptional old 6120s and im certain you will not be disappointed.

I still swoon when i see them from this era as complete as this.

Good luck


Wyowill. Sounds like you better grab it.

Winter is coming and that would be a great buddy to be snowbound with!


Thanks. Sigh....

You enablers are going to have to buy all the stuff I'm going to have to put in the garage sale section if I do this, ya know. ;)

I think I need Bax to ban me from the site and then start attending GA (guitaraholics anonymous) meetings.


Will, it's vintage, it's nice, you've seen it, and it's close for living out in your area.

Best of luck deciding.


I know. I just shake my head at myself sometimes. :)

This is honestly the first time I've tried a guitar in a store and had that "wow" reaction. That says a lot.


Oh no, that is trouble! Lol

I'll have to make a detour on my next Rocky Mountain road trip, to meet you and see your new sweetheart.


It would sure be nice for you if you can get this beauty without putting yourself in a bind. Just to be clear, I wasn't being down on this guitar when I pointed out the binding looking very white, I was just pointing it out. Even if it had a complete rebinding and/or a neck reset, it was a thoroughly professional job and shouldn't affect the price as others have pointed out, for the price they suggest.

Another way to look at, is that if those two jobs were done, that's a major financial investment you wouldn't have to do.

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