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1958 Horse of a Different Color Project (6120 Conversion)


Great looking rig Joe... but I've always had a pet-peeve about the aluminum Bigsby bridge base. I guess my aesthetic sensibilities were forged from seeing so many Gretsch examples with the wooden base. I've seen a few mid-50s Bigsby aluminum bridge's with black paint on their aluminum bases as well. I dunno... doesn't really matter, and the tone should trump the fashion. Just my own personal hang-up. Great project and thread!


Ed, I don't disagree with you. And would like to find a ebony base and either ABR or similar bridge for this one. One thing about the Bigsby bridge is I hear strange harmonics on it as well as there is a sweet spot as you move the bigsby handle where the bridge makes the best contact and the sounds improves. I suspect the lack of contact point is the culprit.

But baby steps. I need to find plastic and the right bridge.


Great job Joe! I would really like to hear what this bridge/base (on my '41 Synchro) would sound like on your guitar! It would definitely give it a more woody tone and be a unique sound to be sure. Toxo makes his own bridges and did one similar to this for his electric archtop but added bone tips to the saddles to brighten up the sound a tad over the plain wood seen here on mine. He used ebony and made the same base as mine as well as the bridge. I've played his guitars with these homemade bridges and they provide a wonderful tone.


An amazing post that I missed due to being in the Hospital. Thanks for sharing. I just love this kind of stuff.


Thanks Norm. The guitar sounds so fantastic. I have owned dozens of vintage Gretsch guitars. This one seems to sound better than what I recall the others sounding like. So very Gretsch yet so not Gretsch too.

The TV Jone classic neck paired with the TV Jones Powertron plus bridge is incredibly versatile. The mud switch is actually useful too. From warm jazz, to full rhythm, to tele like twang but not harsh. Of course I am playing it through my 68 Drip Edge Princeton Reverb which is magic too.

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