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1958 Gretsch White Falcon Project-O-Sonic


I heard about this guitar just under a year ago. I'm not sure i really wanted a Falcon, i certainly wasn't really looking for one. But i was offered it and i thought this really is a once in a lifetime chance and sometimes you just got to say yes! Just got it, trying to figure out what's what. The Stereo part is a mystery to me, but works fine in mono and sounds quite unique with the pickup spacing. I am in the process of setting it up to gig this Saturday! First thing to go is the tall post space control bridge! i was wondering how many layers of body binding these should have for 58?


Wow... awesome guitar! We don't see many real one's, so this is a treat! Enjoy...


Congrats. A real '50s Falcon is about as cool as it gets.


A rare wonderful bird (no pun intended). Wow !!


awesome bird. Looks almost new for its age.

Pretty sure you need a tip-ring-sleeve stereo jack cable

Found the schematic with google.


Well it looks better in the pictures than in the flesh. Also the finish has been completely removed from the back of the neck. That's not a issue for me as i want to use it. Also the head stock white plastic veneer is beginning to pull away. Good news is, it has a great neck set and the frets although needing work have plenty of life. No dead spots either, and you can go right up the neck without issue. The binding although pulling in a few places is also in ok shape... and its all there! It goes Gold, white, black, white so 4 ply. Although i think i can see a 5th black ply right where the paint joins and its flaked away. Does that make sense?


Wow! I wouldn't change a thing on such a rare beauty. Congrats


First one I've seen with a standby switch, assuming it is a standby switch. So hard to find one if these, beautiful! 264xx batch?


Its from the 263xx batch. It appears to be wired as a standby switch, but i thought it might have something to do with the stereo function? I


Orgasmic! Lucky duck. Two amps and wow. Now the problem, what amps you gonna pluger into? A bass man and a Princeton? The possibilities! Please post a vidieo so we can hear it. Please!


Zarkly! I was thinking 2 custom Fromel modded Vibrolux's with slapback echo pinging between them!


I think I remember seeing old ads of Jimmie Webster with this model. There was originally a splitter box that came with it ?


Wow! I wouldn't change a thing on such a rare beauty. Congrats

– Baba Joe



RichB555 yes it needs something, wiring looks all original but not getting any stereo function.


Is it possible it's not stereo? A lot of Country Club guitars with the stereo spaced pickups were wired like a regular guitar.


You could test if the jack output on the guitar is capable of outputting in stereo without removing the wiring and electronic components.

Grab an multimeter/ohmmeter and a stereo jack plug or cable. turn all volume pots to maximum. measure the resistance between the ring and mass/ground. if it's about a few kOhms then its wired to a pickup coil. If it's not connected, it measures infinite resistance. It could be that one of the switches is used as mono/stereo switch.

Every multiple pickup guitar can be wired in stereo with some rewiring and replacing the output jack for a stereo version.

But making a split coil pickup is more difficult. Yours does seem to have regular filters instead of the splitted pups like on the dan fogelberg penguin


Wow! That's an excellent guitar and I must say just by judging from the picture this guitar suits you.


I'd plug into ONE amp.

A stereo Magnatone.

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