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1958-6121 question


Hi Guys,

Was hoping someone could help me out. I’m thinking about checking out a 1958 Gretsch 6121 that is local to me but the pickups look awful close together. Is this standard for the model? Can’t seem to find too much on originals. Thanks.


Not standard, but yes it’s normal to see on some 58’s


We were just talking about this not too long ago. This is called Project-O-Sonic spacing and was for a stereo guitar, probably a White Penguin. Sales weren't great and these bodies were re-purposed as (usually) 6121's. Tell us how it sounds as a lot of people are suspicious that the bridge won't be trebly enough.


Thanks for the link and information.


Geordie... I've been is communication with this seller, and he's a skittish guy. He got very weird when I asked about binding condition, and the if the seam in the back was a crack or not. I was asking pretty standard condition questions, and I think he got insulted.

If you check it out please confirm the serial number.... and check out that seam in the back! Report back... Thanks!


Skittish guy, I confirm. He told me: why did you ask for information if you did not buy the guitar, finally? Yes, why would I do that?


Yes. He is a different fellow for sure. This guitar is also missing binding from its headstock as well as the separation at the waist. If it’s the guitar in Montreal which I believe it is.

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