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1958 6120 on ebay


Thought somebody here might be looking for a worn but real (looks real to me) '58 with a lot of the right stuff for a fairly reasonable price...

It's better than the Tennessean some guy has listed as a "1963 Double Anniversary"....


No model number, dubious looking headstock veneer and a st(r)inger. My money’s on that being a conversion, but I’ll leave it up to the experts to confirm...


It’s a 6120 yes. It’s a 57/58 yes. (Model # fades are very common)

But it’s got lots of things going on. I bet it plays sweet and all. It’s simply way to much money for what it is.


Can the S/N 26529 be used to see what batch of what it was in?


...the pickups and surrounds are way cool...but those Schallers creep me out. He's not giving any info on the "original case"...if its a gray case or a cowboy case or if its worn beyond recognition...


Good to know NJBob.... I intend to let it go to someone who has time for a headache...

...and speaking of's a Tennessean advertised as a "1963 Double Anniversary"....for only $8499!


That’s my old guitar, in our family for 50 some years, sold it to a Canadian kid for 5, it’s been checked out by pros. No damage. Hell of a nice player, I sold it cause I thought someone should use it! The tuners were/and are a nice upgrade, the original case is mostly duct tape


That's great information I said looked like a pretty cool guitar or I wouldn't have alerted the Gretsch guys here to it to begin with....and while not cheap...not outrageous either. I understand about the tuners...I'm just kind of used to the originals...but hey...that's me.


Thanks for the confirmation, RC. Good to hear it has provenance.

Just for the record, my observations were merely that; observations. I took Fred”s post as confirmation it was legit, but your post seals it.


Perpetual scam. Bet the eBay seller was hacked.

– NJBob

I wouldn't be so sure. The seller is clearly legit with the audio gear. When scoping for hijacked accounts, I always look at the backgrounds in the pictures. This one isn't the same as most of his other pictures, but it's also the only guitar he's selling, so that might not mean anything. And there's an unusual speaker in the background, which would be consistent with an audio guy. And it's in Canada, which is its last verifiable whereabouts. So, I'd approach with caution, but I wouldn't write it off it I was in the market.


I wouldn't be so sure.

This seller may well be legit. But the same guitar with the same pics in the south of France therefore is not legit. And in the very least it means the pictures in the listing are not super recent and possibly from elsewhere. I would take issue with a seller who can't be bothered to take his own pics if that is the case here.


The guitar can be identified by the wear on the finish. She is notable in her own right, graced the pages of “This week in New Orleans several times and once on the cover. She spent 8 years on Burbon St. Several in Ft. Walton Beach Fl. Traveled in Alaska and was popular inDicks tavern, Friday Harbor On San Juan island. Many times where her voice was heard it was standing room only! Yep, she has been loved, and it shows. Someone else’s turn now, don’t buy her if ya can’t love her!


This is my ebay account and my guitar. I bought it from RC gold a few years ago. Its a great guitar but I need the cash at the moment so its up for sale. Its part of my personal collection. The ebay account is not hacked... not sure why people would think that? I sell tubes on ebay and fix up old music gear.. If anyone needs any info on it feel free to PM me. The original case is included and super beat up. Its a cowboy case. Ebay has a picture limit so I thought people would prefer to see the guitar over the case... I have pictures for anyone that wants to email me about it.


Discounts for an off ebay price if anyone is interested.


Thank you Orange. I am responding to keep this post active (since I started it). Still looks like a nice guitar for anyone that has always wanted a real 1950's 6120.


Its a really cool guitar... I've seen some of the modern Custom shop stuff Gretsch is putting out now in the Relic finish and they wanted more than my asking price for a relic reissue at the store... Lol... Why do that when you can get the real thing?

Thanks for the bump up the list.

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