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Good ‘55- ‘57 label picture?


Hello gentlemen,

could somebody take a good pic (as perpendicular as possible) of a 1955 till 1957 label??

if you have an acoustic it might be perfect!

I'd really appreciate your help! cheers!



I had to skew it a fair bit in Photoshop to get it looking vaguely perpendicular; it ain't perfect, but it's close.


Here’s one to add to Deke’s shot. 1955.


Intersting smudge under the 11 on both labels. Puts me in mind of the artifact we spotted on the Bigsbys a while back. Did we called it the J Dent?


Intersting smudge under the 11 on both labels.

Edge of the stamp, I would think.


Anyone who has used a rubber stamp can attest to the technique of rocking the stamp back and forth to evenly distribute the pressure and maximize the image transfer. That often caused the edge of the stamp to come into contact with the label, inadvertently transferring some ink.


I figured it was the edge of the rubber stamp. No real mystery there, but what I found curious was the absolute similarity between the two. No edge visible top or bottom, nor on the left side - just that very similar smudge on the right.

Do we know if these numbers were applied by hand stamp or is it possible they were imprinted using a hand-operated machine of some sort? I'm picturing something like a cross between an old Gestetner copier and a table mounted pasta maker (forgive the imagery, stick with me), where you load up a roll of blank labels one end, crank the handle and 50 x 6120 or other labels are fed out the other. Hand printing the model numbers seems very time consuming for a factory turning out large numbers of guitars, and a machine would explain the similarity of the ink smudge.


The model numbers don't quite line up, on these examples. Makes me think it was a hand stamp with wheels for setting the desired numbers. The serial numbers were pre-printed, correct?


Yep, certainly revolving wheels, like on a date stamp. We need more examples.


Gentlemen! thanks a LOT!!

this is what I needed!!!!! great!

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