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1957 Duo Jet


Got the 57 Duo Jet up and running. Added the correct bigsby and a rocking bar bridge. This is also Ex Marco Pirroni - Adam and the Antz / Siouxsie and the Banshees. Plays like butter. I just love the neck thin and fast. Couldn't be more different ti the silver jet and its lovely chunky neck! two very, very different guitars. Both guitars were used on the "Vive le Rock albums" and the Duo Jet was also used on the 1990 Sinnead O Connor tour


I must say I enjoy the jets far more than the archtops. I find them easier to play and less bulky. Obviously if you are a more acomplished guitarist then the Gretsch archtop is the obvious choice but I have really enjoyed having these two and I think its improved my playing.


That is nothing less than great, congratulations! And the regular B-3 simply looks right on both.


I don't know if they are easy to play, but I know they are the best :) he

congrats man! I have serious GAS now!! :O


@BielBall, @sascha - Thanks guys! I didnt want to go down the 'Harrison" route with the incorrect later v cut bigsby. It would just annoy me. I need it to be period correct. Will track down the melita for it next and just put it in the case.


Sweet! Is the tip of the guard broke off the black one? I bet if you installed melitas on both they would come closer in sound and feel despite the necks. But the way both are setup now is good too. Enjoy Andrew! Jet are my favorite too.


Melitas are cool and I really like them, but the bar bridge probably works better with the Bigsby.


It's cool for me to see pictures of my 2 favorite guitars in one shot.


grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i can only get my Jet to play like Parkay , 8-o very very cool Jets !!


Wow! - Got me droolin' (well, figuratively speaking)!

Awesome! - ConGreTscHulations!

I'ves just gots to gets me a Jets!

There's just soooo many Great GreTscHes!


Can anybody tell me if this guitar would have come with a tweed case or a grey case? 57 Seems to be a grey area ( excuse the pun ) with cases to me!


Here's the case that Marco had the guitar in. Beautiful condition. Wondered if this is period correct?


Very cool pair of jets = you

Me = sheer, unbridled envy


It's my opinion that tweed cases were gone by '57. I would have expected to see a grey speckled (aka "snowflake") case. Those were short lived and by '59/60 the cases were apparently changed again.


Maybe late '59ish... maybe? Probably early 60s. Anyone else have an opinion?


wow. that's pretty awesome. I'm always on the lookout for a jet, but the moth in my wallet keeps biting my hand when I try to buy one.

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