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1957 6120 under 5k at Guitar Center


There's a lot wrong with that, I'm thinking it might be a conversion. Bridge pickup on an angle, switch in a ridiculous place. Looks to be professionally set up too!


Intonation should be spot-on with that bridge placement!

I'm thinking legit late '57, should be trestle braced. But not just one extra hole, there are three extra holes. The price may be nice, but too much wrong for my tastes.


Looks like the pickups were close together like a stereo setup, but they didn't do that with 6120s, did they?


You would think they would but the bridge in a reasonable spot before taken pictures?


Didn’t we see one of these that was factory stereo with 2 jacks on the side before? Late 57/Early 58 guitar?


Two tone controls and a Mud Switch?? I wouldn't trust Guitar Center to know what they have.


GC gets lots of stuff wrong.


Their vintage gear buyers & pricers are complete clueless idiots.


We would need the serial number to really know what this is.


I like this guitar in as it’s likely a trestle DeArmond model. As Ed said we need more data on it.

The flaws are obvious which may lead to being purchased for a good price.

If it could be bought for under 3k it’s well worth having Curt plug the holes and address any other issues. I bet it’s a real player. A vintage ebony board DeArmond 6120 is really cool combo.

GC is always open to offers. This guitar will turn off many vintage buyers as theres a lot better choices in the 4/5k price range. But for those who know and appreciate this guitar it could really be revived nicely.


Just asking the question: with the added costs to properly fix all the faux pas, wouldn't the end price be nearing an earlyish 6120?


Johnny Crowbone - I feel I owe it to you to remind you that the ‘56 I bought - “Patches” - (you were there) had fewer (?) issues and all in it cost less than this (and 1k of that was in trade).

I’m with Fred, this is under 3k, preferably.

Is this local? If not, you could strike a deal, pay and have it shipped (free, on them) to NJ, and return if you don’t like it (I’ve asked GC about vintage returns and that’s what they said.)


I like it! But I’m a little off anyway. Wondering if they'd send it to Hickory.


I believe you will have to pay shipping costs to your local store. At least I had to as of a few months ago. It was only $25 though. I think if you got this sub 3k it would be worth it!


Their vintage gear buyers & pricers are complete clueless idiots.

– Billy Zoom

Exactly. They didn't even believe me that my Mosrite Avenger was late '60s. They insisted Japan never made Mosrite copies until the 80s. Then they labeled a 1972 Mosrite as an Avenger and priced it as so, so for $899 I bought it.


If I wasn't so busy lately I'd go there and check it out.


We would need the serial number to really know what this is.

– kc_eddie_b

They will give you the serial number over the phone.


That's a different guitar. I liked the first one better warts and all.

– knavel

Oh I guess they sold the first one.


They will give you the serial number over the phone.

– Curt Wilson

I called GC in Hollywood, the first one under 5 K is still available. Serial number is 26539


The #26539 makes it a 1958 model year example. First batch with Filtertrons, mud switch, heel dowel. I've documented 15 specimens from this batch, and every one of them has the dual Filtertron set-up. So I don't know what the story with this old mutt is.

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