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1955 Duo Jet - Vintage vs. Stephen Stern Custom Shop Options


That’s really interesting. I thought there had to be a very unique reason why newer pickups sounded so different to me.

As the cliche goes “the devils in the details”. The composition of the magnets makes perfect sense. As does the wiring from the era.

Thank you so much for this very informative information Don.


Why the spruce top?

I fancy I hear a more percussive, more "acoustic" response from spruce-topped guitars, which I like.

Please don't disabuse me of this notion.


The Ray Butts/TV Jones Full Fidelity FilterTrons sound better than the ‘62 FT’s I had in my 62 Country Club. One other aspect is Gretsch used Hide Glue to build them vs.the modern white Titebond crap that Fender/Gretsch uses. Hide Glue crystallizes as it dries and pulls the wood together nearly making it the same piece of wood. White Titebond does not have this type of drying effect and actually is like having a sheet of vinyl between the two pieces of wood. It is one of the main reasons I’ll not buy a new Gretsch. I would buy a Custom Shop/ Stern one, but only if they build it with Hide Glue!

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