Vintage Gretsch Guitars

1955 6120


Cool !

One little remark: nut was aluminium, not brass. (my former '55 pictured below)

– Hepkat67

Hepkat67 is correct, and that's something I feel like I got wrong in the past as well.


Congrats on the guitar and the decision to make it right. I don’t know anything about Emerald City Guitars but assume that they know their stuff. Given that telephone there, they certainly have an appreciation of things vintage! Looking forward to the videos. Thanks for sharing.


Congratulations on landing what will become a MAGNIFICENT guitar! It will truly be a piece to cherish.


Sweet! I'll be following.


Part 2...neck removal. It’s hard for me to watch!


All in all, that came off pretty easy. I did a 57 jet that took me 5 hours due to titebond glue. That was the hard part. Now the clean up and repairs.


I actually searched for this earlier and couldn't find. Never realised it could be such a battle to remove a neck. Though ive only ever removed one from a tele ;-p

makes you realise the value of a good guitar repairer. please keep posting as they become available


Geez... My stomach is in knots and I'm covered in a cold sweat after watching that! How agonizing, and it's not even my guitar! Props to the guys out there with the intestinal fortitude to do this kind of stuff... that ain't me!

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