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1954 Gretsch 6007 Sierra Special


Have we ever talked about this one before?

Other than the label, the name on the headstock and the tuners (although even they are off, having the earlier style buttons), there's not a single solitary thing about this guitar that says Gretsch to me. I'm not saying it isn't, but it is such an outlier, I don't know what to make of it.

So I was curious if anybody else can figure this one out.


It's actually in Ed's book, p.105 if it's the #10900 model. Pic looks the same as in the book; model # is 6007 with "Special" written next to it. The 6007 was the Synchromatic X75 (Sierra) model last seen around 1948. Eddy Arnold had another flat top with a vertical logo.

Weird flat-tops I'd like to know more about is Lou Monte's falconized model (Did Pepino the Italian Mouse chew it up?) and the over-the-top Town and Country that belonged to Slim Whitman which looks to have a lot of factory mods; lefty, round sound hole, looks like sparkle top, and the faux f-holes really look Gretsch. That thing just pops in black and white.


Here's the '57 Lou Monte flat-top.


Here's the '57 Lou Monte flat-top.

– kc_eddie_b

Yikes. Bad things happening with that pickguard.


Very "Gibsonesque", I like it


Well, I like the neck inlays and tuners.....


Yikes. Bad things happening with that pickguard.

– Afire

Good grief. And to put it out on display like that?

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